Enhancing looks and beauty has never been so easy. Contact lenses are a way to go when aiming for a fresh, elegant, or radiant look. Beauty Contact Lenses are the fashion statement that can never go wrong. Either with a subtle change or a complete style makeover, you have to look for one that best suits your flair, taste, and lifestyle.

So it is a must that when choosing coloured lenses, you consider the wearable that will best fit your style. 

This article will let you decide among two top-tier choices regarding daily disposable coloured contact lenses. Both will be characterised in the following paragraphs, so…read on!

First, let us find out more about them.

Comparison with Acuvue Define

ACUVUE Define comes from daily disposable contact lenses, which offers several eyes changing options for the wearer. This Johnson & Johnson’s product for vision care is the go-to contacts for trying new styles. This series provides the ACCENT STYLE that gives subtle but profound enhancements to the eyes. It has translucent layers used to bring out natural eye beauty. People with nearsighted or farsighted vision can use this lens for correction. 

Since the brand is ACUVUE, you can expect it has one of the highest UV blockers a contact lens can have. With its LACREON TECHNOLOGY that creates a water holding capacity for its lenses, it is comfortable for the whole day. The colouredIn addition, the pigments used in these contact lenses are safely enclosed between layers of lenses that prevent them from reaching out to your eyes. 

But WAIT, a famous brand, might not be your choice, so we can recommend ALCON’s DAILIES FRESHLOOK ILLUMINATE when looking for alternatives.

Fresh Look Iluminate – Shows off youself in the Summer Days

What About Alcon Dailies Freshlook Illuminate?

If you want to obtain a more vital, fiercer look and style, choose contact lenses that exude darker and larger eyes. FreshLook Illuminate colour lenses are daily disposable colour lenses designed to give the appearance of more extensive and bolder eyes. These are aesthetic contact lenses that do not have any corrective prescriptions. Instead, it features Blink Activated Moisture, which releases the PVA moisturising agent from the contact lens in response to natural blinking activity, providing all-day comfort. In addition, a unique starburst pattern surrounds the iris, slightly darkening and enlarging the limbal ring to give pupils the appearance.

FreshLook Illuminate serves as a highlighter that looks natural on Asian eyes. Its unique starburst pattern blends the colourful ring into the iris of the eyes, naturally making them appear more extensive and more attractive. ALCON makes these lenses to give Asian eyes a broader and deeper appearance. They’re available from SG Contact Lens in the hues Jet Black, Rich Brown, and Light Brown.

Dailies FreshLook Illuminate is perfect for people who want daily disposable contact lenses with no vision correction. So if you’re going to have darker, more extensive and bolder eyes, it is a must to try these lenses. 

It’s a MATCH!

Still can’t choose among the two?

Here is a table for comparison and understanding Freshlook Illuminate and ACUVUE® Define to help you make your mind up:

Compare It!

As the table suggests, the following are their characteristics compared:

Both the lenses have three colours, but Alcon Freshlook Illuminate has a blacker hue than ACUVUE Define Accent Style available in the market.

They are both coloured contact lenses that are daily disposables. Wearers can expect to use them with all the advantages a daily disposable lens can offer. A fresh pair every day and less hassle as it requires no cleaning. For some, it is also cheaper as the wearers won’t have to purchase a cleaning solution. 

When it comes to the base curve, Freshlook Illuminate is larger than Acuvue Define. But it is reversed when talking about the diameters. Both brands come in a box of 30 lenses.

The water content of Alcon Freshlook Illuminate is 69% which is 11% higher than ACUVUE Define, which has only 58%.

Enjoy your day with FreshLook Iluminate

Which is more suitable for Asians?

As their tagline suggests, Alcon Freshlook Illuminate is catered to strike the needs of Asians! It enhances facial features creating an illusion of a bigger, bolder and deeper set of eyes which can be aimed towards a change of style. 

The colours are also intended to draw attention which constitutes a captivating look when worn. Alcon Freshlook Illuminate’s colours are creatively steered to Asian people to make them more suitable for the appearance and presence they go for.

Avaliable At Cheaper Price At SG Contact Lenses

Acuvue Define and Alcon Freshlook Illuminate are both available in Singapore Contact Lenses. Still, the latter is cheaper than the former. Freshlook is priced at $45 per box with 30 lenses, while Define costs $48 per box of 30 lenses. 

Both are equipped with superior quality and are authentic, so you can either choose one of the two. BUT make sure to purchase at legitimate online distributors of these fantastic coloured contact lenses like SG Contact Lenses

Make your choice now!

Buying contact lenses is made easier if you purchase online. Reach out at SG Contact Lenses website for purchase and fulfilling your contact lenses needs. For fresh new lenses, every day, order online and have it delivered straight to your home. 

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