Is Seed 1day Pure Contact Lenses Any Good?

Seed 1 Day Pure – Contacts with a Natural Moisturizing Agent

Ways You Can Be Certain

This article made to learn and find out about Japanese manufactured contact lenses and other brands at the end to find out which among them suits your everyday needs.

What is Seed 1day Pure Contact Lenses?

Things You Need to Know About


Seed 1day Pure is a daily disposable contact lens manufactured in Japan with a natural moisturizing agent. This moisturizing agent is called Alginic Acid, an insoluble gelatinous carbohydrate found (chiefly as salts) in many brown seaweeds. The lens also contains the zwitterionic substance “SIB,” which has an excellent capacity to draw and hold water. Details of the lens preserving solution, add alginic acid, a natural moisturizing agent, and “SIB”. Makes that plenty and long-lasting moisture, as well as accurate water preservation, are all achieved. The high moisture content and ultra-thin 0.07 mm* core design ensures that your eyes receive enough oxygen.

This contact lens contains a UV absorber that reduces UV ray absorption and makes with SEED’s initial zwitterionic material “SIB.”

Alginic Acid” is a natural polymer.

Alginic acid, a natural moisturizing agent derived from seaweed, is added to contact lens storage solution. It attracts moisture in the eyes and holds tears on the lens’s surface.

“SIB” is SEED Ionic Bond.

SEED’s initial substance, “SIB” (SEED Ionic Bond), is a zwitterionic material that includes both positive and negative ions, resulting in electrical stability. This consistency keeps particles and impurities out while maintaining a high water level and oxygen in the eyes for extensive hours.

32  VS 30 A Wise Choice!

Seed 1day Pure is sure to be more cost-efficient in computation for everyday usage compared to other brands. Due to its additional pair for the month, it gives a price advantage worth for its value. Based on the computation for a year’s worth of contacts, 48 more lenses will surely be economical for a person who knows how to value funds. The budget for the lenses is cost-efficient.

Standard Lenses30 lens per box for one eye x 2 boxes x 12 months=720
Seed 1day Pure32 lens per box for one eye x 2 boxes x 12 months=768

*there will be 48 lenses more for a year!

Japan-made Lens

Many people may not know where the contacts they use are from, so SEED makes it a point for their efforts to be identified. Seed’s Pure series is a one-day contact lens manufactured entirely in Japan, from lens content creation to manufacturing. They test all materials and conduct rigorous manufacturing and delivery monitoring to protect the consistency of each lens. 

The 1dayPure Series from SEED is a regular disposable contact lens developed and manufactured entirely in Japan. The entire manufacturing process takes place in Japan, from lens content creation to commercial production. Each lens is manufactured carefully under a strict quality control and inspection regime to ensure its quality for your safe use.

UV Protection

Ultraviolet (UV) rays that caused skin pigmentation are perceived to be one of the causes of cataracts. In SEED’s 1dayPure Series, the UV absorber protects eyes from ultraviolet radiation, shielding them from toxic UV light and keeping them safe.

Where to buy???SG Contact Lenses Exclusivity! 

Japan-made contacts are sold in NOT all stores in Singapore but can be easily found in SG contact Lenses.

For purchasing contacts online, you can check one of the few exclusive sellers of SEED’s 1dayPure Series SG Contact Lenses

ACUVUE® Moist/Biomedics

There are also other brands for daily contacts, so I listed below two other brands that you can choose from.

ACUVUE®, a brand made by Johnson & Johnson also has a Daily Contact Lens called ACUVUE® MOIST.

1-DAY ACUVUE® MOIST Brand Contact Lenses are regular disposable lenses that keep moisture in the eyes while keeping irritations out. Corrections are available for both near and farsighted prescriptions. It has one of the highest UV protection available in disposable contact lenses.

It has a technology called LACREON® that gives exceptional comfort and a long-lasting moisture cushion.

ACUVUE® MOIST disposable contacts come in 30 or 90 lenses per box. You can also check  ACUVUE®’s different kinds of contacts.

LACREON® Technology is the brand name for a proprietary technology developed by Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc. that permanently embeds a water-holding ingredient similar to that found in natural tears into the proven Etafilcon A content.


Crafted to give you a sense of all-day natural comfort. These contact lenses are made by CooperVision company. The water content is at 55%, and they developed the lenses so comfortable which you can wear them for up to 11 hours. They also aim for healthier daily-driver lenses that helps promote good eye health). There’s no need to deal with the hassles of washing and storing traditional contact lenses because they are daily replaceable. Hence, allergens have less time to build upon daily lenses, reducing the symptoms of allergies.

Meticulously crafted to give a sense of all-day natural comfort. An excellent upgrade for current 1-day lens wearers and a perfect starting point for those new to lenses or monthly lens wearers looking to upgrade to the added convenience 1-day lenses provide.


I know that all the information seems overwhelming, so before I end this blog, I made a table to compare the lenses. A summary of the details for the three contact lenses that I had mentioned is reflected in the following table. Feel free to look and analyze. Choose what best fits your interest. Happy Choosing!

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