Are Acuvue Oasys Transitions Contact Lenses Worth It?

Eyesight Breakthrough: Insights to ACUVUE OASYS WITH TRANSITIONS Contacts

I have been wearing transition glasses for about four years now, and I’ve known contact lenses before. But this is my first time hearing about transition contacts. So, come and join me as I embark on the possibilities of Oasys Transitions contacts!

Eyeglasses Out, In with the Contacts!

In the era where everybody is hustling and on-the-go, it’s a plus to find eyewear that gives people the benefit of being active. Contact Lenses give more of a natural vision from eyeglasses so that nothing hinders vision, an invention that also moves with our eyes. We don’t have to worry about it to moisten or fog up when it rains or cold. Allowing us can play sports at ease…nothing beats contact lenses.

What are the Transitions Lenses?

Transitions lenses are those that transform their colour when exposed to bright surroundings. So, basically, as you step outside in the sunshine, the tiny crystals inside the lenses change the form, which allows the lenses to darken. It’s awesome that new technologies can now balance the portability of contacts with the effectiveness of transition glasses.

Reasons We Need Acuvue Oasys Transitions Contact Lenses

When we step out after being indoors for a long period of time, our eyes tend to be sensitive, which can cause a bit of dizziness or migraine. Hence, we need something that will protect it from the harmful glare of light. Transition contacts can also prevent eye strain which we experience from squinching into bright lights. 

  1. It is a contact lens that is the first-of-its-kind that adapts to changing lights. It can be used indoors or outdoors and provides a soothing feel with comfortable eyes, resulting in crisp vision in day and night time.
  2. It functions as a transition lens that allows you to better feel with the environment without exposing the eyes to UV rays when the sun is at its highest (blocks 100% of UVB and >99% of UVA). 
  3. It has blue light filtering, which blocks up to 15% of light indoors and 55% when outdoors, where we need it the most. 
  4. Auras of light such as haloes are reduced to 18%, whereas starbursts are at 28% at night. It is also developed to have the most unbeaten comfort and gives 38% better color contrast. 
  5. It is hygienic because these lenses are based on the standard design of Acuvue, so they are a two-week replacement. You need to remove the lens at night time to clean them in a solution to prevent infection.

When we go outdoors, we tend to be exposed to bright lights, and that’s when we need Acuvue Oasys with Transition; it reduces the stressful impact of bright lights on our eyes.

Why ACUVUE® OASYS WITH TRANSITIONS™ is the best choice?

ACUVUE is proud to have been at the forefront of contact lens research and development since it launched the first mass-marketed disposable contact lens in 1987. Likewise, Acuvue Oasys remains one of the most popular lenses around the world. With its Light Intelligent Technology, the ACUVUE® OASYS WITH TRANSITIONS™ now offers superior visual efficiency. 

It is a product of Johnson & Johnson to vision treatment with the slogan “See Better – Connect Better – Live Better”. They are a company that values people and helps them be committed to taking care of their eyes throughout their lives through innovation and development.


Although the benefits of wearing a transitional lens can seem apparent, not all of them are. Here are a couple of the most compelling arguments on why you should buy in a pair of ACUVUE OASYS TRANSITION CONTACTS!

  1. Proven by the Years for Providing Clear Vision. More than twenty years ago, the ACUVUE Brand was committed to bringing vision care benefits to people worldwide. It started transforming the world with its vision correction in 1988 by uncovering the world’s first soft disposable contact lenses. Since then, they began pursuing new technologies to bring about the highest quality lenses that people choose among other brands.
  1. Budget-friendly – Photochromic property (changes color when subjected to radiant energy) and transition lenses are both low-cost options. Transitional lenses eliminate the need to purchase two pairs of glasses: prescription sunglasses and regular glasses. You get the best of both worlds in one convenient package.
  1. Reduces the possibility of losing the glasses – Carrying two sets of glasses raises the risk of losing or misplacing one of them. It’s easier to manage if you only have one pair.
  1. Shields the eyes. –  Transitional lenses are more than just sunglasses; they also protect the eyes. They naturally block out many of the sun’s toxic UV rays, resulting in healthy and brighter eyes.
  1. Accessible – Transitional lenses are handy because they remove the need for you to bring two sets of glasses and switch between them to satisfy various needs. You can wear sunglasses when driving, eliminating the hassle of getting another pair and switching so that you can read vital street signs due to transitional lenses. 

Who needs these?

These contacts can address light-sensitive people. There is a condition known as Photophobia, where people are bothered by bright lights, and they can have discomfort or headache. Having these transition contacts can help them because of their photochromic properties.

Bright lights which bother people can cause a headache, and since most people use computers cellphones and looking at bright screens can be tough. Some may also get floaters in their vision. Although these contact lenses will not heal photophobia, they will help in caring for it.

Sunglasses VS. Contacts

Now, a lot of people might think of this question. Can Oasys Transitions replace sunglasses? Let me reiterate that these lenses only cover the cornea. Thus making the whites of the eyes exposed. So, when going out when it’s so bright, you might need a pair for additional protection.


It is worth trying these transition contacts, for it makes things easier when we want to change to prescription lenses or protect our eyes. As ACUVUE® OASYS WITH TRANSITIONS™’ outer case developed using pre-consumer recycled content, it is eco-friendly and a way to value nature, just like hitting two birds in one stone. I will enjoy all the benefits the lens has, and I can also protect wildlife by using recycled content. 

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