Overseas Credit Card Charges

Singapore Contact Lenses’ products are priced using SGD. Once a customer purchases, it may incur extra percentage from credit card. However, this article will help you get the most out of spending from overseas by knowing which among your credit cards will give you the most rebates you can get.

Does credit card charge for international purchases?

Usually, MasterCard and Visa charge a foreign currency transaction fee of 1%. However, most credit card companies add an extra percentage on it, making the fee range from 1.5% to 3% or even more. Therefore, this fee differs from one credit card issuer to the other.

Best Overseas Spending Credit Cards In Singapore

Credit CardCashback RateForeign Currency
Transaction Fee
Citi Cash Back Card8%3.25%
Standard Chartered Spree Credit Card3%3.50%
Standard Chartered Rewards+ Credit Card3.13%3.50%
American Express True Cashback Card2.50%2.95%
OCBC 90°N Card2.10%3.25%

Last Update: 8/4/2022

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  1. Hi. I do not have an eye prescription offhand but I am a frequent contact lens user and know my eyesight power. Am i able to purchase without the prescription? Thanks

    • Hi, you can send us your prescriptions through a photo of your recent contact lenses so you can order from us.

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