Unveiling CooperVision’s MyDay

Are you looking for a Contact Lens that can provide you with healthier and whiter eyes? A daily lens that gives efficiency and visual crisp? Then come and try MyDay daily contact lenses, which provide impeccable comfort all day. 

What is CooperVision MyDay?

MyDay contact lenses are made with a unique technology that seamlessly into the wearer’s life. Silicone improved the ability of hydrogel lenses to transfer oxygen, which is essential for corneal health; However, this may cause the lens to become rigid, less wettable, and uncomfortable. This trade-off – having to give up one for the other – has been a significant impediment to the daily disposable silicone hydrogel contact lens segment’s actual development. Smart Silicone, which is part of the Aquaform comfort science, provides a unique network of silicone channels that effectively distribute oxygen. As a result, MyDay contact lenses made of less silicone. Resulting in a more hydrophilic material that provides longer-lasting wettability and a smooth and flexible lens without compromising patient handling.

MyDay is a CooperVision everyday-wear lens with Smart Silicone Technology which uses less silicone than most daily disposable brands to supply oxygen to the wearer’s eyes efficiently. Thanks to its oxygen-efficient Smart Silicone™ innovation, MyDay lenses have the perfect combination of breathability, comfort, and ease of handling.

Its silicone hydrogel allows for high oxygen transmissibility while still being user-friendly. MyDay daily disposable contact lenses are for people with nearsighted or farsighted vision prescriptions with a UV inhibitor. Additionally, the lenses have Aspheric Design aimed for optimum visual performance. The silicone technology produces a contact lens that strikes the right balance between supplying enough oxygen to your eyes and ensuring long-term comfort. 

Can It Be a Replacement for ACUVUE ® Moist?

The answer is a big YES. If you are an ACUVUE ® Moist contact lens user, you can also consider using MyDay by CooperVision. 

About ACUVUE ® Moist

1 Day ACUVUE ® Moist Contact Lenses are a straightforward way to wear contact lenses because they don’t need any cleaning solutions, lens cases, or other care.

They’re using LACREON™ technology, which integrates a water-holding ingredient similar to that found in natural tears indefinitely. As an outcome, the lenses will feel clean and comfortable at the end of the day. 

Additionally, since it is a daily disposable lens, you can just open another one if ever you lose it. No hassle in purchasing another as it comes in several lenses per pack which you can choose to avail yourself. 

MyDay 30 Pack Suitable for all Eyes

Advantages of Wearing Daily Disposables

Since MyDay and ACUVUE® MOIST lenses are perfect for occasional use, you can wear them full- or part-time.

Cleaning solutions, lens treatment, and lens cases are not needed.

They give you the opportunity to participate in sports or lead an active lifestyle, and the UV-blocking technology protects parts of your eyes. 

Who should wear these?

People who want to wear contact lenses in a simple, low-maintenance way.

People who choose to wear contact lenses regularly or only on special occasions.

Those are looking for UV safety in their daily disposable lenses.

MyDay 30 Pieces Pack and 90 Pieces Pack Avaliable at Singapore Contact Lens (SGCONS)

MyDay Packaging

These daily lenses come in 30 lenses per box and 90 lenses per box which you can choose from. 

Let’s Compare It!

Check the table below for an easier understanding of the comparison between CooperVision’s MyDay and Johnson & Johnson’s 1 Day ACUVUE ® Moist.

Singapore Availability

MyDay Contact Lenses are available in Singapore through SG Contact Lens’ online optical site. Make sure to buy contact lenses from partnered shops for an authentic contact lens optimum experience.

MyDay Toric

MyDay Toric will be available for purchase at Singapore Contact Lenses

These are special contact lenses to correct Astigmatism. 

Astigmatism is a common and curable flaw in your eye’s curvature that produces impaired distant and close vision. The cornea or lens is curved in certain circumstances, causing a difference in refraction between the vertical and horizontal planes. This results in hazy vision and difficulty seeing minute details. Vertical lines might appear to slant at times. When the front surface of your eye (cornea) or the lens within your eye have uneven curves, you have astigmatism. 

Toric contact lenses’ ability to give varied refractive powers in vertical and horizontal orientations addresses this unique characteristic of astigmatism.

A toric lens is a contact lens that has a specific form. The surface of standard contact lenses is spherical, like a slice of the side of a bouncy ball. A torus, on the other hand, is a doughnut-shaped geometric object. A toric lens looks like a slice of this doughnut’s side.

MyDay Toric will be available soon at Singapore Contact Lens, so check the shop for it!

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