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Acuvue Define Fresh Edition Beauty Contact Lenses Available in Singapore

New Acuvue Define – Fresh Series

Acuvue released a new line of colors in the Define Moist series – FRESH. Acuvue Define, the top-in-line contact lenses manufacturer, released the new lenses that further exceed other makeup contact lenses. By matching colours with the new line, you can create aesthetically gorgeous combinations with the makeup you will use. This line is truly an innovation when it comes to beauty with comfort contacts. Johnson & Johnson’s Acuvue Define is a well-known product made to combine beauty and comfort.

A brand that emphasises the natural charm of the eyes.


Have a look to all 4 new colours


Acuvue Define – Fresh Rose

Inspired by the famous cherry blossoms in Japan, Acuvue Define Fresh Rose is the ultimate colour that exudes the cuteness that everybody adores. When you wear fresh rose, it creates a gradient layer that blends with your eyes. Maroon, blush rose, and deep rose is the gradients. Yes, you read it right. There are 3 colours in these lenses that include hand-painted lines to create a vivid effect of aesthetics in your eyes. 


Acuvue Define – Fresh Grayzel

This challenging colour for Acuvue Define makes eyes emit an impression of strength. The colour is inspired by nature’s beautiful cloudy sky. This conventional product is a combination of three layers of gradient such as ash grey, light ash grey, and caramel that blends into the eyes and brings out the appearance of energy, brightness, and vividness.


Acuvue Define – Fresh Honey

Acuvue Fresh Honey gives the eyes alight hue and a sense of transparency. This chic product offers users a new honey three-layer gradient of chocolate, honey, and amber that blends in with the eyes and accentuates the skin tone. The three-colour lenses were inspired with melting hues of honey which complements various makeup styles such as orange and beige earth tones and naturals. 


Acuvue Define – Fresh Blue

Acuvue Fresh Blue gives off a cool and attractive impression. This innovative product uses three gradient products reflected in your eyes: charcoal grey, sky blue, and ash sky blue. The three colours were a product of the inspiration from a clear blue sky, just like sparkly ice, so wearers emit a cool aura and a poised competence. 


  • Delicate handwritten lines based on the similarity of the eyes are drawn on the lens to create intricate detail. The colour of the lens blends with the original colour of the eyes, allowing you to achieve your desired colour.
  • The pigment inside the lens does not touch the eyes directly. Therefore, it is eye-friendy. 

The lens materials sandwiched the coloured pigments, which made it protected, and thus, no dye will be able to touch the eyes. A thin and supple lens acts as a barrier to prevent the exposure of pigments.

  • Four new colours blend in naturally with your own eyes, which use a transparent colour that draws attention to the natural pattern of the eyes created by combining the unique eye pattern and aesthetic lens design. 
  • Because it is Acuvue, you can expect that it has the technology to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. 

The lenses cut the UV rays, which are believed to have caused eye ageing, eye strain and other various troubles. The remarkable thing Acuvue Define acts as a barrier to protect your eyes from those damaging rays.

  • Breathable

The oxygen, which is detrimental to the eyes and human body, can pass through with ease in these chic lenses. Because the materials used, even in the coloured part, are breathable. Oxygen reaches the eyes through the gaps between the hand-drawn coloured pigments!

  • Individual differences in wearing.

Because the human eyes are designed uniquely, wearing different shades among these lenses gives the wearer different vibes and feels. The lens pattern and designs amazingly complement the unique eye colour. Depending on the makeup, the lens pattern can let wearers achieve a flawless chic look.

  • Lenses with Moisturising Agent

The lenses used in the lenses make it possible to retain the moisture in the eyes and produce a wetting agent similar to tears. 

  • Beauty wrapped in comfort technology.
4 Colours Outcome and looking

Reminders When Using Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are medical instruments that must adhere to strict guidelines, so make sure to follow the guidelines below:

  • Consult your optometrist.

Have your eyes be examined by a professional eye doctor regularly before you wear contact lenses so that you can be sure that the lenses you purchase will be the right prescription for you.

  • Choose lenses wisely.

Please be sure to choose contact lenses that are comfortable for you. Before buying, schedule an appointment with an ophthalmologist for an assessment and prescription.

  • Before using, read the box instructions thoroughly, follow the handling instructions, and use them properly.
  • Do not re-use used contact lenses that are meant to be replaced daily or disposables.
  • Follow the wearing time and schedule for your chosen contact lenses as they may come in daily disposables, bi-weekly or monthly.
  • If there are irregularities in your eyes, irritations, or redness, remove the lens and consult your ophthalmologist for an examination immediately.
  • Contact lenses should not be worn when sleeping, so be sure to remove them before you sleep.
  • Do not lend your contact lenses to another person or use others’ as it was not meant for sharing.

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These beautifully intricate and new designs from Acuvue Define will be available in Singapore, and the price will be the same as Acuvue Define. So we’ve got you covered! Male the intelligent choice. Check for online purchase at SG Contact Lens for innovations in contact lenses. Buy your contacts online, no lines, no hassles, no worries. 

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