Why Kpop prefer Olens?

Let’s dive into understand K-pop’s craze for Olens

Finding the perfect contact lens for your eyes is like finding the holy grail. Contact lenses across the world are made in different sizes and materials, and the moment when you realize you’ve found the perfect fit you think you are set. But the search for contact lenses doesn’t stop there, does it? Now, you want to explore the options of colored contact lenses and why not? 

In this day and age colored lenses are almost as common as regular contact lenses. The beauty of colored contact lenses is that anyone can use them as they are made for both prescription and cosmetic purposes. 

Olens is one such colored contacts lens brand that has been getting recognised across the world. Colored contact lenses are made popular by celebrities across the world. However, over the last few years Korean pop culture has had more and more people talking about Korean contact lenses. The beauty about Olens is that they come in over 100 different colors and multiple different models. No wonder K-pop prefers. Here are a few K-pop and Olens collaborations that created a massive wave amongst the Korean pop fans all over the world. 

Remember these pictures from the APink ‘%%’ Music Video & Photo Album, each one of these k-celeb was rocking some of the coolest Olens colored contact lenses. 

Here is Naun form APink K-pop band  in Olens Spanish Circle Brown

And Eunji form APink KPop band In Olens Spanish Circle Gray 

Olens are for a reason World’d #1 bestselling Korean contact lens. Most of their newest contact lenses range are made with biocompatible hydrophilic material – Puscon. Unlike silicon contact lens Puscon retains water meaning that your eye can stay moist for 12 hours. Puscon also protects your eyes from UV rays, making them the premium material for contact lenses. 

Contact lenses can dry out easily, as the protein deposit increases in your eyes the contact lenses start to dry. Which in return causes irritation, stress and redness. The Puscon material prevents the build up of the protein substance and keeps the dust off your eyes. This mechanism ensures that the moisture in the lens lasts long and makes it perfect for daily use. 

The psychology behind using colored contact lenses has changed in the present day. Once upon a time colored contacts were hard to find and they were not so advanced like the ones available to us now. Olens are designed with shades that blend in with your eyes giving them a very natural look and feel. 

These daily disposable lenses come in so many different colors, meaning that you can match your eyes with your outfit. Olens are the perfect alternative choice for Acuvue Define. Although Acuvue Define color contact lenses are well known for their comfort and moisture, the colors you want are not easy to find everywhere. However, Olens offers its customers colors, comfort and availability making it the perfect alternative to Acuvue Define and most other colored contact lenses in the market.  

The most bought Olens colored contact lens by the k-celebs and k-pop stars are shades that are oh so dreamy! 

Olens Spanish Circle Brown 

Also an alternative for Acuvue Define Fresh Hazel

These Olens Spanish Circle Brown make the perfect daily disposable colored contact lens. Widely popular all over the world, these brown colored contact lenses are designed with a creamy and duey shade that gives your eyes a very natural and uplifting look. It is also K-pop BLACKPINK’s favourite color of contact lenses. 

They are made with Puscon material, meaning that they are made for regular use. Olens Spanish Circle Brown will keep your eyes moist, protect them from UV rays and keep your eyes healthy. Get these lenses delivered to your doorstep at an unbelieve price only form sgcontactlens.com. 

Olens Vivi Beige

Another K-celeb favorite, Vivi Ring 1Day Beige, these Olens bestsellers are popular for a reason. The sunrise-like color will brighten up your eyes and give them an angelic look. The lenses are made with Puscon material and come in three other colors. 

So, get your very own k-pop favourite contact lenses today only on sgcontactlens.com. 

All in all, take care of your eyes while giving them an all new look with Olnes, world’s #1 selling Korean contact lenses. Be it brown, green or grey Olens got you covered will all your colored contact lenses needs. So, get your very own Olens today to see what the fuss is all about yourself! 

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