EverColor 1 Day Natural New Colors!

Are You READY for EverColor 1 Day Naturals New Colors? Are you looking for natural colored contact lenses that do not go overboard with your style? Maybe, subtle lenses that look natural like your own eye color?


EverColor 1 Day Natural is a daily disposable contact lens made by AISEI Co., Ltd. This Japan-made contact lens is available at Singapore Contact Lenses in Singapore.

Colored lenses are so trendy to make stylish looks that can enhance your appearance. Moreover, it is now a must-have item not only for a group of people but for all who want to have an upgrade in style. To add up, this colored lens brings out the best and creates a youthful glow with its dazzling shining eyes!
Gone are the days that only celebrities can look good! With these colored lenses, you can easily be at par with idols! Create looks that go well with your makeup style and appearance. Moreover, with the variety of colors available, you can change looks without a fuss!

If you are looking for neutral-colored contact lenses, these are perfect for you! The delicate design is appealing to the eyes and suitable for everyday use. The daily contact lenses are hygienic and can be thrown away once they’ve been worn. That’s why you will feel refreshed for every new pair worn.

Additionally, daily worn contact lenses are considered to be the most hygienic type of lens wear because it minimizes the contact in the lenses that usually creates build-ups and deposits in the eyes.

Furthermore, a box of EverColor Natural contact lenses comes in 20 disposable contact lenses.

Exciting New Colors to CHOOSE From!

As an addition to its wide selection of natural hues, EverColor 1 Day Natural released two new beautiful colors to choose from!

They are Hitomebore No Koi EN2010, and Kugizuke No Kokoro EN2011.

These new colors have the same qualities a colored lens has to offer but the new hues create a more vivid appearance of the eyes. In addition,it gives a shining and dazzling effect.

The Hitomebore No Koi, has specks of light brown for the outer layer and combines with the luscious brown center and a hint of lighter golden inner. Moreover, when it is worn, it will create a unique color hue because every individual has certain eye colors. Achieve this elegant look and style when wearing Hitomebore No Koi.

The Kugizuke No Kokoro is the other newly released color. Just like the other EverColor Natural colors, it has all the specifications these color lenses have. Moreover, the color of this lens is a mix of brown and has specks of ash gray outer. Moreover, the inner color is a darker hue of earth brown and combined with light brown. When this color is worn, it creates an effect of larger sparkling eyes which can complement any style.

Lens Details of EverColor 1 Day Natural

This is a daily disposable contact lens that features a delicate distinctive pattern design that makes your eyes sparkle naturally. The Ever Color 1 Day Natural has 14.5mm that will make your eyes sparkle and give off an elegant feeling. It also creates an illusion of larger and alluring eyes. In addition, these lenses create an illusion of bigger eyes which are perfect for people who want to achieve an expressive look.

Moreover, it is comfortable to wear because of its water content of 38.6%, 42.5% which keeps your eyes moisturized. In addition, the water content of these lenses go naturally with the actual moisture of the eyes, it hinders eye dryness and irritation.

The Hyaluronic acid helps keep the eyes healthy as it hinders dirt from staying into the lenses and adds to keep the eyes moisture.

In addition, these are also pretty useful creations as it has an ANTI-UV design. To further, it blocks harmful UV rays! It reduces UV-B by about 98% and reduces UV-A by about 83%.

Moreover, these lenses have beautiful colors designed to not touch the eyes making it safe and comfortable to wear.

To further, these are visually stunning and a must-have to complement your style. Depending on your unique eye color, the outcome of the eye color might range from light to a darker shade of brown. It’s ideal for everyday use and pairs well with a variety of outfits, including casual, school, and office attire.
You may create lovely styles and radiate approachability and appeal with these charming colored contact lenses. Additionally, you may create any mood that will complement your style.

What are Looks that go well with these contact lenses?

Because these lovely lenses are available in a range of natural-looking hues, you can wear them on a variety of occasions. You can never go wrong with these pretty colored lenses that enhance your style and appearance without looking overstyled. Next, the colors can be easily coupled with a variety of hues and types of clothing for both formal and casual occasions. Finally, finish your look by selecting the appropriate makeup combinations to match your bright eyes for a full look.

EverColor Natural Available Colors

The shades you can choose from are Natural Brown EN2001, Champagne Brown EN2002, Natural Black EN2003, Natural Mocha EN2004, Apricot Brown EN2005, Classic Cheek EN2006, Clear Camel EN2007, Pearl Beige EN2008, Smooth Coral EN2009, Hitomebore No Koi EN2010, and Kugizuke No Kokoro EN2011.

Verdict=Perfect on-the-go lens wear!
Wherever you want to go, whatever event you plan to be in, EverColor Natural will be the perfect lens you bring with you.

These Japanese-made natural colored contact lenses are perfect for anywhere! EverColor 1 Day Natural has a 14.5mm lens that creates an appearance of bigger and dazzling eyes which depends upon the color of your choice. It will also create a style that will make your eyes sparkle and give off an elegant feeling. In addition, it creates larger and alluring eyes and keeps eyes comfortable due to its water content of 38.6%, 42.5%. Say goodbye to dry eyes and irritation! Get these versatile contact lenses in a box with 20 disposable contact lenses at Singapore Contact Lenses.

If you want to know more about EverColor 1 Day Natural and their different series of contact lenses, please check them out here.

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